Enjoying sunrise over the Karakoram from the summit of Sahan Sar (c5500m), Pakistan.

Gangchempo (6387m) from the Langtang Valley, Nepal.

Approaching one of the Gangchempo icefalls.

Having a ball on the south face of Gangchempo.

Sunset from Anchohuma base camp, Bolivia.

Camp 2 on Anchohuma at 6000m with a temperature inversion over the Amazon Rainforest.

Rock pillar on the road to Illimani, Bolivia.

Jock on the summit of Kutshkulin Sar (c5900m), Karakoram, Pakistan.

Camp 2 on Nico Sar (c5800m), Karakoram, Pakistan.

The view from Camp 2 on Nico Sar.

Approaching base camp, Karambar Glacier, Karakoram, Pakistan.

Unclimbed peak, Hindu Raj, Pakistan.

Camp 2 on Sahan Sar (c5500m), Hindu Raj, Pakistan.

Route finding through the heart of the Khan Sar icefall, Hindu Raj, Pakistan.

Phil crossing a crevasse on the
SW face of Cerro Cocorico, Bolivia.

Our high point on Morimoto Peak (5995m), Langtang Himal, Nepal.
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