Location: Cordillera Quimza Cruz and Cordillera Real, Bolivia.

Date: June - September 1998.

Team: Various, but of the Virgin Summits team, Jock Jeffery and Simon Woods.

Objective: To climb both classic and new routes; drink cerveza; party at Mongo's Bar.

Achievements: A number of new rock routes in the Quimsa Cruz region; a new route on Pico Shultze (5943m); ascents of Pequeno Alpamayo (5370m), Huayna Potosi (6088m), Illimani (6439m), Wyoming (5463m); attempt on Anchohuma (6427m); lots of cerveza; lots of partying.

The French Route on Huayna Potosi (6088m)
(the large snow couloir on the left of the face).

Looking towards the Normal Route on Huayna Potosi, from the French Route.

Jock on Huayna Potosi.

Rappeling down our new route on Pico Shultze.

Camp 2 on Anchohuma at 6000m with a temperature inversion over the Amazon Rainforest.

Camp 2 again.

Sunset from Anchohuma base camp.

Rock pillar on the way to Illimani.

The Illimani massif, seen from high on the main summit.

It wasn't all climbing though, there was still time to play with some dynamite...

Go on a two week jolly through the Amazon...

And enjoy a little gentle mountain biking (or carrying).

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