Virgin Summits Tibet Expedition 2003 - Tibet
Exploratory climbing in the Nyainqentangla East range, with bad weather, landslides and an attempt on the unexplored Chukporisum Peak (6359m).

Fun In The Cordilleras 2002 - Peru
A nice break from exploratory expedition climbing and first ascents. Not the greatest of conditions, but fun on classic routes and a rescue mission to add a little spice.

Mountain Highlights Gallery
Not actually an expedition, but a compilation of highlights from our recent trips. Perfect if you don't have much time and just want to see some nice mountain photography.

Raksha Urai Expedition 2001 - Nepal
Nearly but not quite! After a lot of planning and a long walk in, we reached a highpoint of 6500m on the unclimbed Raksha Urai III - just 150m short of the summit.

Hindu Raj Expedition 2000 - Pakistan
The last of our three Pakistan expeditions in 2000. Exploring hills spotted from base camp on the Karambar trip in 1999, with ascents of two unclimbed peaks, some great samosas and a fractured arm.

Nico Sar Expedition 2000 - Pakistan
Climbing on the opposite side of the Ishkoman Valley at the same time as the Hindu Raj Expedition and also making first ascents of virgin peaks, this time in the rather well formed shape of Nico Sar (c5800m).

Anglo-New Zealand Hindu Raj Expedition 2000 - Pakistan
This one kicked off our Pakistan trilogy in 2000 and again involved climbing a virgin summit. Bad weather, washed away villages and three attempts to crawl up a 5995m hill we christened Uddin Zom.

Mustagh Ata Expedition 2000 - Tibet
An ascent via the normal route, a ski descent and then a second ascent via a new route on the east ridge. Virgin Summits member Walter Keller joins the prolific Dan Mazur to explore some new ground on this popular 7546m peak.

Langtang Wanderers 1999 - Nepal
Low budget japes and larks on the hills of the Langtang Valley, huge dumps of snow, one new route, an early repeat of another and some horribly frostbitten tootsies.

Karambar Expedition 1999 - Pakistan
The expedition that started our fascination with Pakistan. Lots of exploration in the side valleys of the Karambar Glacier and the second ascent of a sub 6000m peak via a new route.

Bolivia 1998 - er...Bolivia
A four month wander around the bars of La Paz, rudely interrupted by the occasional outbreak of climbing. A number of new rock routes in the Quimsa Cruz range and a new line on Pico Shultze (5943m) for good measure.

British Cordilleras Expedition 1998 - Bolivia
An independent expedition to the above and a veritable orgy of first and second ascents in this little known corner of the Cordillera Real.

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