All this charging up and down unclimbed mountains can certainly take its toll, but this doesn't mean the gentleman adventurer can let himself go whilst in the hills. No sir, there are standards to maintain and we're the chaps to maintain them.

Our step by step guide offers some valuable insight into this oft neglected aspect of expedition life.

If you've got it - flaunt it.
Ex catalogue models Phil and Adam show some high camp at high camp, with this season's collection of insulated crop tops. Functional, elegant and the height of 6000m chic.

Personal Grooming.
The finalists in the "All Asia who's-got-the-stupidest-silly-luminous-ginger-beard" competition. The experienced Canadian (right) finally takes home the coveted prize when the competition fails on a technicality for concealing his growth beneath a balaclava.

Functionality over street cred.
Always mark the smaller team members with flags,
lest you misplace them.

Improvisation with comedy rucksack attachments
should be gently discouraged.

Star quality is vital.
Our friend and cook Gari Khan gave up a lucrative career as a Stevie Wonder impersonator to join our team.

Know when you're beaten.
Whoever you are, whatever you wear, whatever you do, you will NEVER be as cool as our cook Dean.


Hats are very important.
But Tom's boulder accident left Graham feeling somewhat depressed.

But take care (fashion warning 1).
Whilst some articles of clothing may seem like just the thing when you are in foreign climes, one must consider how these accessories might look when worn on the high street once home. This hapless soul clearly made the incorrect choice and must suffer the shameful and hideous consequences.

Fashion Warning 2.
And finally - whatever the season, whatever the occasion, whatever the venue - black toes never go with anything - ever.

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