Whilst our expeditions are about mountains, there's more to them than just climbing. Getting to the bottom of the hill is often just as entertaining as getting to the top.

So pull up a seat (if there is one), strap on your seatbelt (though there won't be one), say a blessing for a safe journey and kiss your numb, bruised, aching arse goodbye, as we head off on a tour of the Asian Highway Code.

Do not expect the road to actually be a road.

Erm…do not expect the road to actually be a road.

Did I mention the state of the road?

Yes I'm sure I did.

Even if there is a road, do not expect to stay on it all the time...

Because you won't.

Never overcrowd...

Or overload your vehicle
(the 12 passengers were walking at this point).

Ensure your fuel economy is halved by adding at least a 1000 kilos of go faster stripes.

Always obey road signs
(however bizarre).

Be courteous to other road users.

Even if they are complete lunatics...

With rather unconventional parking

Always visit the mobile male brothel when it's in town
(the one on the right looks very keen).

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