Simon started climbing in 1990 after serving a long mountain apprenticeship on the hills of Northern England and Scotland. His recent activities have revolved around first ascents in the Greater Ranges.

Overseas highlights include:

Ascent of Pisco (5752m), attempt on Copa (6188m), attempt on Artensonraju (6025m), Cordillera Blanca, Peru (2002)

Attempted 1st ascent of Raksha Urai (6593m), Far West Nepal - reached expedition high point of 6500m (2001)

1st ascents of Khan Sar (5708m) and Sahan Sar (c5500m), Eastern Hindu Raj, Pakistan (2000)

1st ascent of Uddin Zom (5995m), Western Hindu Raj, Pakistan (2000)

Early repeat of the South Face of Gangchempo (6387m), new route on Morimoto Peak (5995m), Langtang Himal, Nepal (1999)

Second ascent and new route on Kutshkulin Sar (c5900m), Western Karakoram, Pakistan (1999)

New route on Pico Shultze (5943m), Cordillera Real, Bolivia (1998)

New route on the West Tower (c5300m), Quimsa Cruz, Bolivia (1998)

Several new rock routes in the Quimsa Cruz, Bolivia (1998)

Ascents of Huayna Potosi (6088m), Illimani (6439m), Pequeno Alpamayo (5370m), Wyoming (5463m), attempt on Anchohuma (6427m), Cordillera Real, Bolivia (1998)

Lobuje East (6112m), Solo Khumbu, Nepal (1997)

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